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Dr. Baráthné Dr. Hajdu Ágnes

I got my degree back in 2000 at the faculty of Law of University of Miskolc. I started my career at the employment center of Miskolc, then I continued it at the Immigration and Citizenship Office. In my administrative job, I participated in legistlation and law application on both first and second degree. I represented the Office in administrative lawsuits. After the birth of my children I supported the work of the Budapest Municipal Government. I prepared the Assembly Materials and helped the work of the Crime Prevention and Public Security Committee. I participated in the elaboration of the Capital Crime Prevention Concept, and I addressed the public procurement procedures.

My past in administration has helped me to understand office thinking and practice, and to easily navigate in the maze of office bureaucracy.

In April 2015 I made a lawyer's oath and now on the other hand I help my clients deal with office matters, solving real estate issues and litigation.

I communicate in English, I provide full legal assistance to English-speaking foreigners.

Trust, the full, comprehensive information of my clients is essential to me. I can only guarantee the solution and proper outcome of a case so that my client can make the most appropriate decision with all the necessary information. For this I provide maximum legal preparation and support.